• June 17, 2020

Clickagy Launches Privacy Clusters for Cookieless Ad Targeting

Clickagy, a data intelligence provider, today launched Privacy Clusters, a privacy-compliant and future-proof solution for the impending end of third-party cookies.

Privacy Clusters allows companies to navigate a fully privacy-compliant targeting strategy to reach customers based on observed behavioral data in real time.

Privacy Clusters are persistent micro-groupings of approximately 3 to 5 individuals that are mathematically bound together to act as a single, trackable and targetable entity. Giving companies individualized targeting without sacrificing privacy, Privacy Clusters are the only viable solution to compliance standards because of one simple difference: absolutely no personally identifiable information (PII) is used.

Privacy Clusters do not require notice or opt-in consent for tracking. It ensures every person and device are entirely anonymous and all messages are delivered within the safety of the micro-group, protecting individuals from privacy violations resulting in possibly inappropriate collection or unauthorized sale of their personal data.

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