• February 19, 2016

ClickTale Acquires FlightRecorder

Clicktale, a provider of digital customer experience solutions, has acquired FlightRecorder, a provider of user experience solutions for mobile apps. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

FlightRecorder's technology will serve as the basis for Clicktale for Apps, a comprehensive user experience, engagement, and app analytics solution providing businesses with proactive, visual insights and recommendations for improving their apps and engaging and retaining users.

"Our clients, who include many leading Fortune 500 brands, know that delivering superior customer experience is the key to beating out their competitors," said Tal Schwartz, CEO and founder of Clicktale, in a statement. "More and more of our clients have been asking for a way to understand user behavior inside their apps. We were thrilled to acquire FlightRecorder and are excited to make their innovative and market leading technology available to a broader set of customers." 

"Our mission of helping companies delight their customers was one-to-one with Clicktale's, making it an obvious fit," FlightRecorder co-founder and CEO Can Abacigil , who has joined Clicktale as director of mobile development, said in a statement. "We immediately felt at home in Clicktale's culture of innovation, and we're eager to bring additional cutting-edge customer experience solutions to the market."

Clicktale for Apps works for both native and hybrid apps and includes features such as user session replays, crash reports, data insights, mobile analytics, and heatmaps. It is offered as an all-in-one software development kit for iOS and Android.

Marketers, app developers and product managers will be able to step into the shoes of their users and experience exactly what their users are experiencing. Through session replays, they can visualize the user experience and then make proactive, strategic UX optimizations. Crash reports show the exact line in the code in which crashes occur and enable users to drill down into session replays to view the precise experience of the user leading up to the crash. Other features include heatmaps that show where users are tapping the screen, advanced segmentation, and push notifications, through which targeted messages can be sent to users to encourage engagement.

"Now you can reveal customer behavior, needs, and intent across all your digital touchpoints, desktop, tablet, and mobile browsing, as well as in native and hybrid apps," Schwartz continued. "By understanding why users are behaving as they do within an app, marketers can gain actionable insights to foster greater loyalty, reduce friction, and encourage engagement among their users, resulting in a significant, positive impact on the business."

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