• February 14, 2020

ClearSlide Extends Gong Integration for Advanced Visibility into Customer Interactions

ClearSlide has expanded the integration of its sales enablement platform with Gong's artificial intelligence-driven revenue intelligence. Every interaction in ClearSlide is now visible in the Gong platform, and ClearSlide's buyer engagement data pairs with Gong's revenue intelligence to enable sales and marketing teams to track and analyze every customer interaction, measure buyer engagement, and gauge the effectiveness of content.

Whether from ad-hoc meetings held on the fly, scheduled calendar bookings, or calls, every element of ClearSlide's live meeting data is now directly imported into the Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform. With this new plug-and-play integration, ClearSlide and Gong work together to provide sales and marketing teams with meetings, recommended sales content, email outreach, and deep visibility into customer interactions and deals.

"ClearSlide empowers sales professionals to engage buyers at every stage of the sales process and, most importantly, understand the true impact of each interaction," said Sergey Medved, director of product at ClearSlide, in a statement. "ClearSlide's sales engagement and buyer insights are complemented by Gong's Revenue Intelligence Platform, which winning revenue teams are now standardizing on. The integrated solution gives sales reps the complete understanding of which content, processes, and interactions are the most impactful on accelerating and closing deals." 

"For marketing and sales teams, it's paramount to understand your customer reality rather than opinions in real time to best inform follow-up actions. With this update, ClearSlide now integrates directly with the Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform, ensuring that every ClearSlide engagement metric is tracked, making it easier to make decisions about forecasting, coaching, and content strategy," said Udi Ledergor, chief marketing officer at Gong, in a statement. "It's the perfect accompaniment to Gong's Deal Intelligence, which separates fact from fiction and truly understands pipeline quality, allowing salespeople to proactively take action to keep deals from stalling."

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