• April 3, 2014

Clari Launches with a Mobile Sales Productivity Platform

Clari, provider of a mobile-first sales productivity platform, today emerged from stealth with $6 million in funding from Sequoia. It also today unveiled its first commerial product, the Clari Mobile Sales Productivity Platform.

Clari's mobile sales productivity platform was designed to fuel the entire sales cycle. from meeting prep and follow-up to updating CRM and forecasting revenue. With Clari, sales reps have a mobile window into all their sources. with content organized around their deals and their relationships. At the same time, managers and sales operations teams have a real-time view into deal progress, allowing them to coach reps in time to exceed quarterly goals, assign sales support resources more effectively, and apply science and data to optimize sales best practices.

Specific elements of the Clari sales productivity platform include the following:

  • Cloud service: an always-on discovery service that unifies and reorganizes all information from internal and external selling sources: CRM, Sharepoint, Exchange, Box, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Gmail, news, and Twitter;
  • Deal assistant: a rich, mobile app experience on iOS and Android to improve rep preparedness, productivity, and communication, while dramatically reducing CRM data-entry;
  • CRM accelerators: data-science and workflow-driven alerts and guidance to help sales reps prioritize and be more effective; and
  • Deal progression dashboard: delivers to managers and sales operations new levels of real-time visibility into how deals are progressing.

"Mobile and data science will transform every enterprise system, and CRM will lead the way because field sales teams are inherently mobile," said Andy Byrne, CEO of Clari, in a statement. "Today's CRM systems have grown so large, they've become more of a database infrastructure, a critical foundation for reporting and forecasting but not designed to improve sales team productivity. Clari's mobile-first approach integrates CRM with all the systems sales teams need to help them sell more and close deals faster."

"Clari addresses the two biggest challenges faced by every sales team: selling more product and forecasting more accurately," said Aaref Hilaly, Sequoia partner and Clari board member, in a statement. "By analyzing the richer data that can be captured on mobile devices, Clari enables sales people to be more productive and provides managers with new insight into the sales process."

Clari is currently in use at more than 50 companies, such as VMware, Juniper, Cisco, Box, and Nimble Storage.

"Just like Box or Evernote, the simplicity of the Clari service allows our sales teams to see value nearly immediately," said Jeff McKittrick, director of sales enablement at Cisco, in a statement. "The Clari team's keen understanding of the nuances of enterprise sales has resulted in a product that puts critical sales processes and relevant information at the fingertips of sales reps, driving productivity and insights like we've never seen before."

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