"Quarter after quarter, sales executives are held accountable for a number but don't really have full visibility into the state of the pipeline," said Kurt Leafstrand, vice president of products at Clari, in a statement. "With Clari Pulse, we are introducing a whole new set of insights that provide a real-time view into the health of the quarter so teams are not caught off guard and can course correct to reach desired sales performance outcomes."

Fully integrated into Clari’s Opportunity-to-Close platform, Clari Pulse empowers sales professionals to answer key questions about their book of business, including the following:

  • How is the quarter progressing over time? 
  • Are we going to hit our number based on available pipeline? 
  • How is our forecast call evolving against the sales target? 
  • How accurate is our forecast? 
  • Are we meeting linearity?

By providing a consolidated week-by-week view of closed deals, commits deals and the team’s projections, sales leaders can track in real-time how the pipeline and forecast call is evolving. Comparing this view to Clari’s AI-driven projection allows teams to immediately spot gaps.

Powered by Clari’s artificial intelligence engine, Clari Pulse is part of the larger set of sales analytics capabilities incorporated into Clari’s core solutions, which include Clari Opportunity Management, Clari Pipeline Inspection, and Clari Forecast Management.

"Insights that would have previously taken us days to produce through report roll-ups and manual data analysis are now quickly available on demand through the Clari platform," said Ben Taft, vice president of sales operations at Tintri, in a statement. "These sales analytics capabilities give my team invaluable insights and more time to focus on strategic initiatives for improving pipeline health."