• December 14, 2016

CitizenNet Partners with SocialEdge to Improve Influencer Marketing

According to a study by Traackr, a majority of the impact and influence online is completed by only 3 percent of peoplle, which could lead to a perceived lack of authenticity.

With an index of more than 10 million social profiles in its database, SocialEdge has comprehensive performance metrics for influencers across all major social platforms. CitizenNet's prediction technology synthesizes this information with psychographic audience data gathered from more than 650 million social profiles. The combined technologies execute a predictive matching process that translates social signals and client objectives into influencer planning recommendations for marketers.

"We identified a need in the marketplace for this service," said Jonathan Kroopf, head of growth at SocialEdge, in a statement. "Advertisers picked influencers to represent their brands for all the wrong reasons or through very basic filtering. Through CitizenNet we now provide data-backed research to help marketers make better decisions and improve the performance of their investment."

Marketers can query any brand or topic and receive a more qualified list of influencers and content creators as part of their influencer media plasn. These planning insights are then repurposed into paid social media plans that provide an accurate estimate of reach and performance metrics based on any level of allocated of media budget per influencer and post.

"CitizenNet acts as an unbiased third party in the branded content and influencer ad space. Brands can trust the influencers we recommend because we explain exactly why an influencer is the right person for a job based on statistical reasoning," said CitizenNet's senior vice president of business development, Adam Hua, in a statement.

For the past year, United Entertainment Group (UEG), an entertainment, sports, and lifestyle marketing agency, has participated in CitizenNet's Beta Partner Program. As a result, UEG has found higher efficiency in creative planning processes and better results among clients.

"Utilizing both CitizenNet and SocialEdge partner solutions has enabled our team to reduce time spent in influencer planning by nearly 75 percent, allowing us to spend more time on client strategy," said Josh Kaplan, director of strategic ventures at UEG, in a statement. "More notably, we have seen a significant lift in performance of our Influencer content by leveraging CitizenNet and Socialedge as partners."

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