• November 20, 2019

Chorus.ai Unveils Cold Call Central

Chorus.ai, providers of conversation intelligence platforms for sales teams, today launched Cold Call Central, which uses artificial intelligence to provide sales leaders insights into cold calls.

This new customizable view in Chorus surfaces actionable insights that enable prospecting teams to identify top-performing talk tracks and calls that need coaching, build a strategy around improving connection rates, and drive better alignment between sales development reps and account executives.

This view is powered by Chorus' proprietary Smart Call Disposition feature.

With Cold Call Central, the AI-based technology automatically surfaces what happens when a rep's call connects. It can detect if the call was fielded by a gatekeeper, a phone tree, or was sent to voicemail. Actionable insights include where reps struggle during cold calls, which talk tracks the best reps use, and which objection-handling techniques work best.

"Sales managers can spend hours with a prospecting salesperson waiting for a single connect to understand why their calls are not converting or understand why they succeed to share that knowledge with the team, which means it doesn't happen," said Roy Raanani, CEO and co-founder of Chorus.ai, in a statement. "Cold Call Central creates a game-changing [return on time invested] for reps and managers alike to pinpoint the calls and moments they should hear to improve their performance."

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