• August 23, 2019

Chorus.ai Launches AI-Based Recommendations

Chorus.ai, providers of a conversation intelligence platform for sales teams, has released the Recommendations feature for deals, meetings, reviews, and coaching.

Recommendations uses Chorus.ai's artificial intelligence technology to provide role-based suggestions that help users see important moments from hundreds of meetings. Highlighted moments can include calls where managers need to coach reps, deals that need to be reviewed based on value or risks, and conversations from which others can learn.

Recommendations surfaces the most important moments of the day to under 10 of the biggest priorities, flagging them inside Chorus and through email alerts.

"AI-based recommendations are as great a game-changer as our original Conversation Intelligence product," said Roy Raanani, CEO and co-founder of Chorus.ai, in a statement. "Once a team has full visibility into thousands of customer interactions, you are overwhelmed by the firehose of information. Recommendations cuts through the noise to find the signal each manager should pay attention to."

"We use this feature every day internally. Our sales managers use Recommendations to uncover calls with coachable moments, while our reps use it to handle crucial deals and personal training," said Joe Caprio, vice president of sales at Chorus.ai, in a statement. "The reality is most sales managers' days are filled to capacity, which pushes all coaching to the bottom of the priority list. This can negatively impact a rep's growth, quota, and even retention at the company since 60 percent of sellers say they'll leave an organization if their manager is a poor coach."

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