• September 2, 2020

Chorus.ai Adds to Conversation Intelligence

Chorus.ai has added advanced analytics capabilities to its Conversation Intelligence platform to provide sales professionals insights into the health of their relationships with customers and what is being said in those interactions.

The updated capabilities include a collection of reports built on advanced artificial intelligence that measures rep activity levels, conversation skills, sales skills, deal intelligence, and market intelligence. Users can also drill down to listen to the specific moments behind the data.

Chorus also offers 20 out-of-the-box reports and aggregate trend comparisons and lets users evaluate the impact of what's being measured by drilling into the moments driving the report. Chorus' analytics also shows the effect on sales stage conversions and if it leads to a closed-won or closed-lost deal.

Additionally, the new advanced analytics experience prioritizes momentum and coaching signals in the interface. It provides sellers with a visual indication of performance, as well as quantifiable metrics on key conversation skills like filler words, engaging questions, and longest monologues.

"Helping the world's fastest-growing companies understand the moments that drive positive outcomes and replicating them across their go-to-market organizations is the new standard for developing brilliant customer relationships," said Jim Benton, CEO of Chorus.ai, in a statement. "Data is only helpful when it's accessible and actionable, which is why we're committed to ensuring our platform delivers the most impactful insights available for frontline reps all the way up to CEOs. Context is the most important aspect of getting truly actionable insights. The deal size, sales cycle, and complexity of the sales process matters. We're able to deliver granular and 10,000-foot views of performance intelligence, revenue intelligence, and relationship intelligence because we own the most advanced AI on the market and continue to invest in innovation."

"Our product and engineering teams are on a mission to build the most intuitive and innovative CI platform. Today's B2B customers expect the same experience in their software purchases as they do in their own consumer apps," said Dominik Facher, vice president of product at Chorus.ai, in a statement. "Conversation Intelligence buyers demand deep intelligence and enterprise-grade reporting as much as a consumer-grade experience for the frontline. We believe these updates will help us provide the experience customers expect."

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