• August 16, 2016

Chirpify Launches Reply Rewards

Chirpify, a provider of conversational conversion and social media loyalty solutions, has added Reply Rewards, a new component to its platform that allows companies to surprise and delight social consumers by listening for specific topics or brand sentiment and proactively rewarding them for the behavior.

Reply Rewards joins Chirpify Moderation and Language Translation, two new features that help brands deepen customer connections in social media. These new features combine to help companies fully engage and reward social customers, drive deeper engagement, acquire valuable data, and increase spend.

"With Chirpify's Reply Rewards platform, we're able to surprise and delight our members at scale, while personally recognizing and interacting with them in real time. This furthers our belief that loyalty is a two-way street. Plus, the platform gives members another easy way to earn Marriott Rewards points, keeping them engaged with the program in between stays," said Amanda Moore, senior directorof social and digital marketing loyalty at Marriott International, in a statement.

With the addition of Chirpify Reply Rewards, Chirpify Moderation, and language translation, Chirpify now addresses the entire social loyalty spectrum with the ability to listen, apply rules, and reply with moderation or automation. Chirpify users can convert and reward, and capture important data and analytics to complete and enforce the arc of social loyalty.

  • Chirpify Reply Rewards lets companies surprise and delight customers in social channels. Specifically, Chirpify Reply Rewards listens on social networks for defined topics of interest to the company and/or brand sentiment, enabling marketers to proactively interact with people with moderated messages designed to surprise and delight. Moderators can look up an individual's history with the company, helping them craft an appropriate, tailored message. In addition, Chirpify offers integration with CRM or loyalty member database solutions. With this data in hand, moderators can deliver a different reward to different consumers based on the individual’s member criteria. Further, Chirpify enables companies to surprise and delight people who aren't existing loyalty program members, saving the reward for them until such time they join the program and claim their reward.
  • Chirpify Moderation allows companies to review and filter social media posts using criteria that would qualify or disqualify someone for a reward. With Chirpify Moderation, companies can moderate any social trigger or conversation, such as hashtags, photos, topics, sharing, and more, and filter the resultant queue for number of followers greater or less than a specified amount, post language, default profile picture, and more. Companies can apply bulk or individual approvals or rejections to the filtered queue. Chirpify Moderation also provides a quick link to individual Twitter profiles.Chirpify Moderation allows companies to increase social efficiency and effectiveness by uniting automated listening for triggers while enabling moderators to review posts and user-generated content for fit before determining their qualification for a reward.
  • Language Translation that lets companies create automated social responses in the consumer's native language. Chirpify can recognize the language of the post and the customer automatically receives a pre-scripted reply in that language. This feature is available for Chirpify's automation engine that listens for specific, predetermined social triggers and automatically responds and rewards at scale based on smart rules.

"These new features give brands the ability to combine a spectrum of approaches to social loyalty and the flexibility to run campaigns that automate engagement and conversion at scale, or moderate interactions, providing more brand control and personalized engagement," said Chris Teso, CEO of Chirpify, in a statement. "Consumers are increasingly savvy and more demanding of brands. With the combination of automation, moderation, and surprise and delight that can be dialed to any organization's unique needs, we give marketers the ability to grow engagement, loyalty, and spend among even the most demanding of customers."

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