• November 10, 2020

Cheetah Digital Launches Cheetah Personalization

Cheetah Digital, a cross-channel customer engagement solution provider for marketers, today released Cheetah Personalization, the newest addition to the Cheetah Customer Engagement Suite, which also includes the Cheetah Engagement Data Platform, Experiences, Messaging, and Loyalty.

Cheetah Personalization helps marketers orchestrate real-time interactions across all channels and touchpoints.

"Personalization is in the fabric of everything marketers do. But as a strategy, technology, and a market, personalization is ripe for reinvention," said Sameer Kazi, CEO of Cheetah Digital, in a statement. "We wanted to create a technology blueprint for brands to achieve personalization success. With Cheetah Digital, the next-generation of personalization is here. It's the way forward for marketers to achieve their personalization and, ultimately, business goals."

Cheetah Personalization leverages analytics and machine learning to evaluate every customer to derive the right content, offer, channel, and sequence for their customer journeys. It also delivers the next-best experience, next-best journey, and next-best offers. These capabilities are enabled by the following three key product offerings:

  • Cheetah Real-Time Personalization, to engage with customers in real time with targeted experiences by capturing streaming data on web and mobile;
  • Cheetah Journey Designer, to build, manage, and optimize multistep, multistage customer journeys at scale; and
  • Cheetah Intelligent Offers, applying marketing insights and machine learning to optimize experiences and generate the next-best offer and next-best action.

"Personalization is one of the most critical themes for our customers and organization," said Bill Ingram, chief product officer at Cheetah Digital, in a statement. "It's not about guesswork, cookies, or third-party data. The next generation of personalization is about providing a value exchange for consumers in the moment when you have them on your mobile app, on your site, in your store, where you can provide them something that will generate trust and affinity with the brand. With the data foundation of the Engagement Data Platform, we are well-equipped to deliver a first-class, next-generation personalization solution."

"We were tasked with making better use of our data for more effective personalization for our guests in the face of a rapidly changing landscape," said Katie Rhine, corporate marketing manager at SeaWorld, in a statement. "With Cheetah Digital's solution, we were able to leverage zero-party data from email and deliver a more relevant and personalized experience for our guests. Now, we can personalize experiences at scale and create loyal customers across all our locations."

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