• October 18, 2017

Chadwick Martin Bailey Introduces AffinID

Following its own research that found that when consumers identify with their image of companies' customers they are 12 times more likely to consider those companies, Chadwick Martin Bailey today launched AffinID, enabling companies to develop customer images that drive consumer engagement.

CMB's research has found that consumers' image of the brand customer matters more than their image of the brand itself. "Consumers love brands that express their identities. And the best way for a brand to become an expression of identity is through a compelling image of the brand customer," said Erica Carranza, vice president of consumer psychology at CMB, in a statement. "People's identities are social. They hinge on relationships with other people. Brands aren't people, but brand customers are. Helping consumers feel like part of a group that reflects their identity is a powerful psychological motivator."

AffinID delivers quantitatively validated insight into three critical areas: consumers' current image of the brand customer, how compelling that image is, and how to optimize that image. A key element of the methodology is the AffinID Score, which measures how strongly consumers identify with their image of the brand customer. The AffinID Score is benchmarked against competitors' scores and to predict brand performance.

"Competing on functional benefits, like price and convenience, isn't always practical. Nowadays, consumers have more options than ever, and every choice is an opportunity to express identity. Strategic brands don't win on price. They win on tribe," Carranza added.

Planet Fitness was one of the first users of the AffinID solution.

"AffinID validated that our marketing efforts are resonating with our target audience. We're doing a great job of communicating our relaxed, non-judgmental culture," said Jessica Correa, senior vice president of marketing at Planet Fitness, in a statement. "The AffinID results are also helpful as we develop and fine-tune new marketing strategies. We're creating new ways to help our franchise owners communicate what it means to be a Planet Fitness member."

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