• July 30, 2014

CertainSource Launches CertainSource Acquire Customer Acquisition Management Platform

CertainSource, an eWayDirect company, yesterday released CertainSource Acquire, a customer acquisition management (CAM) platform.

CertainSource is designed to let business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers manage and optimize customer acquisition campaigns across all digital media channels. Based on an algorithmic assessment of the lead sources, Web sites that generate prospective customers, CertainSource Acquire helps marketers see which sources are producing the highest value customers and which ones generate uninterested people or risk to a brand's online reputation and inbox delivery.

CertainSource Acquire provides a central SaaS platform where acquisition campaigns can be initiated, managed, and optimized.

"Marketers run acquisition campaigns through a variety of vendors, across multiple platforms and channels, using a variety of metrics to measure performance, typically leading to subpar results," said CertainSource CEO Neil Rosen in a statement. "CertainSource Acquire lets a marketer manage all their acquisition campaigns across all their digital channels through one platform that has the power to identify the specific places on the Internet where a marketer's most valuable customers hang out, and uses standardized metrics to measure performance."

Developed during the past year and a half with participation and feedback from well-known consumer brands, CertainSource Acquire has achieved the following results:

  • Within six months, using CertainSource Acquire, marketers see upwards of 85 percent of their total customer prospects coming from top-performing lead sources.
  • More than 10,000 unique lead sources have been tested on the platform. 38 percent have proven to be top-performing sources with a statistically higher propensity to generate high value customers. As a result, 80 percent of clients' budgets are directed at those top-performing sources.
  • After six months, clients see an average 30 percent reduction in cost per action (CPA), such as filling out an application or completing a sale.

"CertainSource Acquire gives me the tools and the insight to focus my spend on the URLs where my best customers are," said Michele Gerstein, marketing director at Palm Beach Jewelry, in a statement. "We actually improved our return on advertising spend by 220 percent. It's empowering to see where your best sources of customers are and then target spending in that direction."

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