• March 12, 2014

Certain Adds Event Data Capabilities to Its Lead Intelligence

Certain announced the availability of attendee engagement and interest intelligence designed to dramatically enhance lead nurturing and scoring.

Delivered through Certain's integration with marketing automation systems such as Marketo, this rich attendee insight augments attendee profiles, measures engagement, and gauges interests. The information captured can help companies not only track what attendees are doing, but also understand their actual interests to drive more personalized lead nurturing and sales follow-up.

Certain's new attendee engagement and interest intelligence empowers marketers to improve their current nurturing and scoring models with information collected across multiple event touch points, such as sessions, appointments, ratings, and polls.

With Certain's interest-based intelligence, companies will be able to add event-level interactions to understand precise interests, gauge opportunities for upselling and cross selling, and notify sales teams when prospects' interests align with a particular product or use case .

This newly released attendee intelligence, available through Certain's integration with marketing automation systems, includes the following:

  • Rich Profile Information: Event registrations provide demographic and firmographic information to enrich existing lead profiles.
  • Individual Engagement Statistics: Session and appointment interactions, including ratings, provide insight beyond registration status, adding the degree of engagement and the quality of those engagements for each participant.
  • Overall Event Engagement Statistics: Event engagement averages provide the context and a baseline against which marketers can measure individual interactions.
  • Individual Interest-Level Scores: Specific event activities tagged with one or more company-defined areas of interest enhance the organization's ability to understand how deep each attendee's interest is in each area.

"Scoring leads based on their area of interest is becoming a best practice among many organizations as they strive to turn events from exercises in logistics to strategic revenue generators. Just as lead scoring has helped marketing and sales organizations prioritize leads based on profile and activity level to know when to follow-up, interest-based scoring lets organizations understand how to follow up appropriately with leads," said Robin Bordoli, vice president of partner ecosystems and general manager of new markets at Marketo, in a statement. "Events provide a wealth of behavioral information that, when combined with the intelligence of the Marketo platform, provides a more complete picture of customer and prospect interests. Certain's attendee engagement and interest-based intelligence will help any organization dramatically increase the accuracy and relevance of marketing programs and sales initiatives."

"For the first time, companies will be able to tap into rich prospect and customer intelligence by analyzing event attendee behavior across all touch points," said Peter Micciche, CEO of Certain, in a statement. "It's a win-win for marketers and sales teams. Marketers will be able to leverage attendee information more effectively in their multichannel nurturing campaigns, and sales teams will be empowered with more predictable lead data for targeted and tailored follow-up, increasing the value of events on the bottom line."

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