• September 24, 2019

Cerebri AI Launches Cerebri Values CX v2 

Cerebri AI today launched Cerebri Values Customer Experience platform (CV/CX v2) for measuring customer engagement based on engagement values. It also applies artificial intelligence to draw insights from customer journeys and make recommendations.

With CV/CX v2 insights, brand commitment (Cerebri Values), and next best action recommendations are driven by patent-pending object-oriented AI and reinforcement learning modeling methods, which can time, sequence, and value up to four events.

"Cerebri AI's CV/CX v2 platform represents two and a half years of intense customer interaction and development by our brilliant engineers," said Jean Belanger, co-founder and CEO of Cerebri AI, in a statement. "Our patent filing to bring objects to AI modeling will increase reuse and reliability in AI and change the business forever. We started showing previews of CV/CX v2 to select customers in Q3, and we have quadrupled our customer CV/CX platform pilots during that time."

Cerebri AI's CV/CX v2 is targeted for four key industries: financial services and banking, automotive, telecoms and wireless, and travel and leisure.

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