• July 13, 2021

Centro Launches Cookieless Targeting

Centro, a provider of enterprise automation technology, today launched a cookieless targeting feature that automatically recommends contextual categories based on a marketer's best-performing audiences. The privacy-compliant contextual analysis is powered by Peer39, a provider of pre-bid keyword, contextual, and brand safety solutions for modern marketers.

The contextual category recommendation technology is exclusively available in Basis by Centro, an automated digital media platform to consolidate digital operations across programmatic, direct, connected TV (CTV), search, and social campaigns.

"Addressable advertising is not going away despite the deprecation of third-party cookies, which elevates the importance of contextual tactics. As the ad industry evolves, brands and agencies are equipped with a comprehensive toolset in Basis to effectively engage audiences in digital channels," said Tyler Kelly, president of Centro, in a statement. "Peer39 has driven the advancement of contextual advertising far beyond simply identifying content on a page. It powers our advertiser users' ability to convert audience data into actionable contextual ad targeting seamlessly."

The technology analyzes brand insights and performance metrics, such as campaign impressions, conversions, completion rates, general key performance indicators, and others. Based on that first-party advertiser intelligence, Peer39 and Basis predict which contextual targeting categories will perform the best for a brand or campaign. This analysis is applicable across all types of inventory, including desktop, mobile apps, and CTV.

The technology enables media professionals to do the following:

  • Uncover customer content consumption patterns and convert them into contextual signals.
  • Optimize campaign budgets to contextual segments or analyze them for future marketing efforts.
  • Target wider demographics that have similar content consumption habits of audiences being targeted.
  • Report performance by content where ads were placed.

"The direction of the market is clear, evolving to a privacy-first approach," said Mario Diez, CEO of Peer39, in a statement. "Our collaboration with Centro is a landmark initiative providing marketers the visibility, measurement, and optimization insights required to bolster their media performance as they face the deprecation of legacy cookie-based signals."

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