• December 7, 2016

Celonis Launches Proactive Insights Engine

Celonis today launched the Celonis Proactive Insights Engine (Pi), a big data analytics process mining platform fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide visibility into all business processes and hidden inefficiencies and prescriptive recommendations on how to fix them in real time.

"In the past, organizations hired management consultants or used traditional analytics tools to optimize IT-driven processes, but now they have a better way to drive business optimization," said Celonis Co-Founder and Co-CEO Alexander Rinke in a statement. "Our automated analytics uncover insights that used to take several months and hundreds of thousands of dollars for consultants to uncover. And unlike traditional analytics, we explain why processes are broken and how to fix them. We give corporate data a full body scan and unbiased analysis to solve the problems customers did not even know they should be looking for, while traditional tools merely address the questions fed to them."

The new Celonis Pi Engine comprises the following four core components:

  • Pi Conformance, which compares actual operations to the ways that processes were designed to occur (conformance checking) and automatically identifies the highest priority issues and their root causes so users can take immediate action.
  • Pi Social, which provides a deep understanding of the human aspect of processes and identifies which teams have the best outcomes as well as which interactions result in lost time or bottlenecks. It also discovers where inefficiencies in an organization's structure call for improvement.
  • Pi Companion, which identifies potential issues before they even happen and allows users to make decisions during process execution rather than after a problem arises.
  • Pi Machine Learning, which makes predictions about an organization’s future so that processes can be adjusted to meet key business KPIs by using historical data.

"Celonis leverages big data mining to uncover complex processes that allow users to have visibility into the daily activities and workflows of their organizations. Enterprise customers are demanding greater operational transparency so they can adapt processes to take advantage of new opportunities or to improve the efficiency of their organizations. We have found that advanced analytics drives 2.2 times more ROI than traditional BI, however they don't always have the time or resources to do a deep dive into their operations. By automating operational excellence, they eliminate a huge distraction and identify opportunities to drive future growth," said Anne Moxie, senior analyst of the data and analytics program at Nucleus Research, in a statement.

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