• March 6, 2018

Campaigner Launches Landing Pages

Campaigner, the email marketing brand of j2 Global, has launched the Landing Pages feature, enabling marketers to personalize content for each subscriber, drive lead generation, and track and report engagement for comprehensive campaign management on one consolidated platform.

"In today's increasingly competitive marketing landscape, it's more important than ever for marketers to personalize content to reflect the individual tastes and preferences of their customers," said E.J. McGowan, vice president and managing director at Campaigner, in a statement. "Where views and open rates have long been the standard for email marketing measurement, marketers must now demonstrate true engagement with customers. Our new Landing Pages feature enables just that and helps marketers craft personalized end-to-end campaigns, driving real ROI for their businesses."

Marketers can create hosted landing pages that integrate directly with their email marketing content on the Campaigner platform. They can merge existing contact information and related content to create landing pages that present unique content to each page viewer. The campaign-specific pages can direct customers and prospects to complete specific calls to action, including completing purchases, subscribing for content, downloading digital materials, or providing additional information.

Campaigner Landing Pages include pre-designed templates and a full HTML editor so content creators can design fully customizable content. Tracking and reporting capabilities allow marketers to monitor views, clicks, subscribes, conversion rates, and bounce rates, offering a complete view of campaign performance and customer engagement.

"Marketers today demand comprehensive tools that enable them to consolidate and simplify their technology stack," said Seamas Egan, director of marketing and sales at Campaigner, in a statement. "With our hosted Landing Pages solution, email marketers have another tool in their belt to take their campaigns one step further without using disparate resources."

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