• April 29, 2015

CallTrackingMetrics Releases Spam Detective

CallTrackingMetrics has launched the Spam Detective to protect businesses' reporting and agents from the impact of spam call noise.

With the announcement of the Spam Detective, CallTrackingMetrics leverages partnerships with a number of carriers to extract information about the path a call is coming through, and, if the path is likely spammy, businesses can choose to handle that call differently. The Detective can either tag calls as spam or route these calls through a voice menu that then asks the caller to enter keypresses to get any further. This allows CallTrackingMetrics customers to filter spam calls out of their reporting and prevent these calls from distracting agents or eating up valuable minutes.

"We go to great lengths to ensure the phone numbers we offer are not targets of these campaigns, and we are continually investigating new software features, like the Spam Detective, that can protect numbers, said CallTrackingMetrics co-founder Todd Fisher in a statement.

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