• March 9, 2017

CallRail Launches SMS Tracking

CallRail, a call analytics provider, has launched SMS analytics, which will allow marketers to gather insights from and initiate conversations with customers via text message using CallRail's tracking capabilities.

CallRail's SMS feature allows businesses to deploy SMS-based campaigns, respond to customer inquiries, and view previous customer correspondence via text message. CallRail will now provide an enhanced look into the customer’s journey, pulling insights based on the location of the customer, how he found the business, and more. Additionally, tracked numbers can be configured to alert account users of incoming texts via email.

"Commerce is more mobile than ever, and it's important for businesses to meet consumers where they already are," said CallRail CEO Andy Powell in a statement. "We have to consider that people might prefer texting instead of calling, especially when doing something simple like confirming an appointment. Gathering insights via text message conversations will provide marketers with information they may not get from tracking calls alone."

In addition to tracking, CallRail's SMS feature also allows users to send outbound text messages to customers. When a user sends a message from CallRail, it will appear as if a company representative is directly reaching out to the customer. However, instead of the business' main line appearing, a local tracking number unique to the customer will be used to maintain privacy and gain further insights.

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