• August 17, 2021

Calix Integrates Marketing Cloud into Facebook

Calix has integrated the Calix Marketing Cloud with Facebook, enhancing its Revenue EDGE solution to further enable broadband service providers (BSPs) to improve marketing workflows and infuse them with the intelligence to segment, target, execute, and measure omnichannel marketing campaign performance.

The integration with the Facebook platform offers additional, out-of-the box marketing functionalities that enable BSPs to accomplish the following.

  • Simplify new subscriber acquisition - By combining behavioral data from Marketing Cloud with data from Facebook, marketers can create look-alike audience models based on subscriber-specific segments.
  • Automate marketing ROI - With automated workflows driving billing data, behavioral insights, and real-time marketing channel results and campaign performance directly into Marketing Cloud, marketers can calculate and assess the impact and ROI of their marketing spend on Facebook campaigns in real time.
  • Streamline campaign deployment:- EDGE Enablement resources further simplify marketers' go-to-market programs with customizable Facebook campaign assets and collateral available in the Electronic Content Builder library and Market Activation Video Editor.

Calix Marketing Cloud uses contextual, behavioral data specific to the broadband industry. Marketing Cloud leverages built-in intelligence and machine learning to simplify processes and generate hyper-focused segments and audiences.

"Today's announcement marks another leap forward in our journey to greatly simplify marketing for broadband marketers who are eager to adopt the latest digital marketing strategies regardless of size," said Matt Collins, chief marketing officer at Calix, in a statement. "The ability to integrate with Facebook, the world's largest social media platform, and automate the end-to-end marketing process with Marketing Cloud allows even the smallest BSP to operate as if they employed a team of data scientists and social media experts thanks to our extraordinarily simple to operate yet sophisticated marketing technology platform. It enables BSPs of all sizes to leverage advanced real-time behavioral insights to market smarter and achieve incredible ROI to grow the value of every dollar they invest in marketing campaigns. We are thrilled to arm customers with this latest capability and look forward to adding more integrations in the months ahead."

"As avid Facebook marketers, we are eager to put the newest Calix Marketing Cloud integration into practice so that we can further simplify our marketing campaigns and realize additional value from these enhanced capabilities, not just for us but also for our clients," said Dustin Schlaefli, director of customer engagement for Nex-Tech, a BSP headquartered in Kansas, in a statement. "Data and automation have fundamentally transformed the face of marketing, making it daunting for even the most seasoned marketers to operationalize. Calix Marketing Cloud takes the incredible complexity of machine learning and intelligent automation and simplifies it, providing actionable insights in an easily digestible format. We are excited to leverage the combined powers of Marketing Cloud and Facebook to take our marketing campaigns to the next level."

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