• October 19, 2022

CaliberMind Launches B2B Funnels

CaliberMind, provider of a B2B data platform for revenue analytics, has added funnel models and visualizations in a new module, called CaliberMind Funnels.

CaliberMind's Funnels are purpose-built for B2B organizations and blend data from every sales and marketing touchpoint and aggregates key benchmarks at the account level.

"We want to empower and equip revenue leaders to become visionary leaders in the workplace. They often have crucial data first but need the right tool to harness that information to identify trends before the rest of the market knows they're happening. Our funnel allows you to leave your system configured exactly as it is today, optimized for people engaging with your brand and flagging them to sales, while providing you with account-based funnel insights your business needs to predict gaps in pipeline and bookings or identify friction points in the buyer journey," said Eric Westerkamp, CEO of CaliberMind, in a statement.

CaliberMind's Funnel offers the following:

  • The ability to automatically fix common issues, such as duplicate records and mismatched lead records, before analyzing data.
  • Account-Based Signals, which looks across accounts to determine whether thresholds are met.
  • Event-Based Triggers with Process Automation & System Integration, which signals different stages in the funnel to understand where accounts are in the journey and puts all data in one dashboard.
  • Multiple Funnels to measure and analyze different business units or products that create different behaviors in target audiences.
  • Custom Dashboards, allowing users to clone existing dashboards and apply different filters or completely build from scratch.
  • Automate & Activate, so users can activate and use data how and when they want.

"A big sticking point between marketing and sales is that we use different metrics to gauge whether or not go-to-market efforts are working. Because CaliberMind offers a platform that connects to your key go-to-market tools and organizes the data by person and account, it makes sense that their next move is to help operations teams implement funnels. CaliberMind's approach will help organizations have clearer insights in a fraction of the time it takes to build it in house," said Jess Bahr, CaliberMind advisor and head of performance marketing at Metadata.io, in a statement.

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