• March 29, 2017

CafeX Unveils Chime Spaces

CafeX Communications, a supplier of mobile and web engagement solutions, has introduced Chime Spaces, a cloud-based collaboration tool for businesses.

Chime Spaces creates organized collaboration environments to help people work together. Customers, employees, and teams can connect within centralized online spaces that can be configured to suit specific workflows. Accessible from the cloud on web browsers and mobile devices, Chime workspaces help stakeholders step through given processes, bringing information and actions to people's attention at the right time. Participants can collaborate face-to-face with a single click, share and access digital media, request approvals, review documents, and trigger notifications, among other tasks. Ready-made templates help business users set up spaces, orchestrate activities, and track milestones.

CafeX has also introduced its free 'Just Chime In' web-based service, which allows up to six participants to meet online simply by clicking and sharing a link without having to install extra software. Available within Chrome, Firefox, and mobile devices, this free service also includes secure screen sharing, chat, presentation display, and other features.

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