• March 14, 2016

CRMSuite Releases CallWatch

CRMSuite has launched the CallWatch phone monitoring system that enables car dealerships to have their inbound or outbound calls summarized and flagged for review.

With more than 200 user-customizable settings, CRMSuite's staff listens and reviews each call from each number. Then, if the results qualify as needing further attention, the system will automatically alert an unlimited number of CRMSuite users through mobile apps, text, phone call, or email.

"The marketplace has, for a long time, proven that call alerts have real demonstrable value to a dealership in extended management's ability to ensure customer satisfaction. CRMSuite now takes this to a new level by combining the dealerships actual history with customers along with the content of any one individual phone call, " said Richard Keith Latman, CEO of CRMSuite, in a statement. "It's not enough to see the results of a third-party company in your CRM as a note; CallWatch does everything inside of CRMSuite so that there are no more multiple dashboards, no more separate logins for configuration, car dealers can make instant one-click changes and, maybe best of all, our award-winning support team can handle the whole process end to end."

The system can provide Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, phone carrier, name of the customer, and more prior to the dealership answering phone calls. If the dealer is already engaged with the prospect, CallWatch automatically includes that data in the first alert. Review criteria is adjustable by any authorized dealership personnel and applies in real time.

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