• September 19, 2016

CEB Adds Real-Time Customer Insights from Tethr

CEB, a best-practice insight and technology company, is embedding Tethr, a cloud-based communications intelligence platform that surfaces actionable insights within phone conversations, into its Effortless Experience Dashboard. Dashboard users can now analyze a sampling of their phone calls and flag trouble spots that can be converted into opportunities to reduce customer effort.

Tethr technology transcribes customer service phone conversations in real time and applies AI and machine learning to provide context to those interactions. CEB effectively tunes Tethr's AI engine with Effortless Experience insights to recognize the level of customer effort in interactions.

"Together, CEB Effortless Experience insights and Tethr's AI platform provides real-time insight into customer effort, enabling companies to make immediate changes to the agent behaviors and processes that affect loyalty," CEB group leader and author of The Effortless Experience, Matt Dixon, said in a statement. "With constant access to the unfiltered voice of their customers, CEB customers can capitalize on new opportunities to reduce effort and more deeply embed the low-effort philosophy into the cultural fabric of their organizations."

"Customer phone conversations is by far the largest data set on the planet, but unfortunately the least understood because of a lack of technology maturity," said Mike Mings, CEO of Tethr, in a statement. "Using Tethr, we provide businesses with a means of understanding which insights lead to sales conversion and effort, improving lifetime value of the customer and operating margins through reductions in call volumes. Using our AI platform empowers CEB customers to listen to and surface actionable insights from every call."

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