• April 20, 2021

BriefCam Updates Video Analytics Platform

BriefCam, a provider of video vontent analytics solutions, today released BriefCam v6.0, which introduces a multisite architecture so businesses with multiple locations can view aggregate data from all remote sites while making video searchable, actionable, and quantifiable.

BriefCam v6.0 unlocks the insights within volumes of video content across multiple locations. Businesses can aggregate and compare such features as visitor paths, dwell time, customer demographics, traffic hotspots, and background changes in one dashboard. BriefCam v6.0 also features accuracy and performance improvements, including an improved face recognition engine.

"As the adoption of video analytics has grown, businesses have learned that its value goes beyond safety and security to encompass business intelligence and operational efficiencies," said Igal Dvir, BriefCam's vice president of product and technology, in a statement. "Our multisite architecture takes it a step further, allowing our customers to glean lessons from their highest-performing localities to maximize the success of all locations."

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