• October 12, 2022

Braze Partners with Snowflake and WhatsApp

Braze, providers of a customer engagement platform, today at its annual customer conference, FORGE, introduced Braze Cloud Data Ingestion and expanded messaging capabilities with native support for WhatsApp. Both innovations reflect expanded partnerships with Snowflake and Meta respectively.

With these product additions, Braze users can unlock the value of any data at any time from any source in any format with the following new features and enhancements:

  • Cloud Data Ingestion, to ingest, process, and activate data faster and at scale from any platform Starting with the Snowflake Data Cloud at launch, Braze plans to expand to a number of other data platform partners in Q4 and beyond. The Braze data model has also been updated to support arrays and nested objects, so brands can sync structured and unstructured data from any source without requiring cumbersome data transformations.
  • Extended Data Retention, so allcustomer data, such as custom attributes, custom events, and purchases are now stored indefinitely.
  • Segment Extensions that allow marketers to create and add multiple customer event properties and message interaction data based on purchases, custom events, and interactions with other channels.
  • Customizable Personally Identifiable Information (PII), allowing customers to define which fields in Braze should be treated as PII.

"We're excited for Snowflake Data Cloud to be the inaugural partner for the Braze Cloud Data Ingestion to help customers to unlock more value from their data," said Scott Schilling, senior director, of global partner development at Snowflake, in a statement. "Data should be the solution, not the problem. Deepening our relationship with partners like Braze can provide teams the valuable tools they need to build and maintain a modern data framework without requiring extensive time from engineers, allowing resources to be more effectively deployed to support customer experience efforts."

In early 2023, Braze will be launching native channel support for messaging platform WhatsApp. Through the integration with Braze, marketers will be able to create, orchestrate, and send WhatsApp campaigns directly from the Braze dashboard with context-rich conversational messaging.

"Messaging is quickly becoming the best way for people and businesses to communicate and get business done. This shift presents a big opportunity in the way businesses engage with customers and offer support," said Kyle Jenke, business messaging director of partnerships at Meta, in a statement. "We're excited to work with Braze to offer WhatsApp as a new channel for brands to better manage interactions across the entire customer journey."

"In today's crowded landscape, competition for consumer attention is at an all-time high. Customer retention and loyalty hinges on brands' access to accurate, real-time customer data they can activate across any channel, with no room for siloes," said Kevin Wang, senior vice president of product at Braze, in a statement. "The introduction of these new integrations and capabilities empower brands to let data be the solution instead of the problem as well as develop simple campaign strategies for complex campaigns with ease to meet the needs of today's digital-first consumer."

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