• December 1, 2017

BrandWizard Launches BrandFidelity

BrandWizard, a provider of digital brand management technologies, has launched BrandFidelity, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and computer vision to conduct real-time analyses of the way companies' and their brands are being represented online, compare what it finds to the companies' guidelines and assets (including logos, colors, and fonts), and flag any discrepancies.

"It's like a Google Alert for your brand," said BrandWizard CEO Vineet Singh in a statement. "BrandFidelity helps brands maintain brand integrity and provide a better customer experience by alerting brand managers whenever the brand is inaccurately or inconsistently represented on any digital platform, in any geographic location, or in any language."

With BrandFidelity, brand managers can proactively monitor customer touchpoints so they can take immediate corrective action before any lasting damage is incurred.

Other components of the BrandFidelity solution include the following:

  • Brand Refresh, which allows users to locate every instance in which company assets are in use, so brand managers can be sure to update all of them; and
  • Internal Compliance, a tool for helping large teams internalize brand guidelines. It can scan company intranets to identify instances in which the brand is being misrepresented internally to the company's own employees.

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