• October 2, 2017

Bpm'online Releases Version 7.11

Bpm'online late last week released version 7.11 of its intelligent CRM and BPM platform. The new version includes more than 200 enhancements and updates designed to accelerate execution and reduce misalignment.

Bpm'online 7.11 features new machine learning capabilities and predictive algorithms to offer users relevant information and automation within a specific context, based on analysis of historical data. This means the platform can make intelligent recommendations across a wide range of business applications, from automatically identifying customer need to specifying opportunity category or predicting the best agent to resolve an open case.

A revamped campaign engine simplifies marketing process automation. The new campaign designer, with an upgraded interface, enables users to design personalized campaigns, set up complex branching, and create multiple entrance and exit conditions for campaign participants.

Extended business process management and case management capabilities ensure streamlined process automation. Key updates include the ability to run processes for selected records in any section or detail of the system, capabilities to configure the rules and conditions of transition between case stages, tools to track all tasks associated with a business process, and pre-set elements in BPM and Case Management designers.

Mobile app enhancements include extended filtering capabilities, as well as revamped customizable push notifications for events, system updates, and more.

'One-click' bpm'online marketplace integration enables users to install or add applications, add-ons, or process templates directly from bpm'online marketplace.

"Companies are under immense pressure from customers and competitors alike to change and adapt at an ever-increasing pace," said Katherine Kostereva, CEO and managing partner of bpm'online, in a statement. "This release of bpm'online is focused on intelligent automation and deeper integrations, speeding up the pace of change for all of our customers, enabling organizations to execute faster."

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