• August 10, 2017

Bloom Intelligence Launches Customer Data Platform

Bloom Intelligence, a provider of data analytics, has released a cloud-based WiFi marketing and analytics platform for omnichannel retailers and the hospitality industry.

Bloom Intelligence mixes the digital and in-store experience to allow retailers to act on consumer behavior in real time. The platform is also customizable to allow restaurants to track guest behavior and trigger deals in real time.

Bloom Intelligence can get ahead of customer sentiment when they are on the premises and immediately send offers and suggestions to influence purchasing decisions. The company can also send deals to people both before and after they visit the retail location and remarket to them just as they are about to exit the store or restaurant.

The goals are to increase visit frequency and retain churning customers. The company will soon add heat mapping and on premises presence messaging based on customers' location in the store.

"We are making big data work for the retail and hospitality industries by using real-time intelligence to actually personalize the customer experience and deliver dynamic marketing content," said William Wilson V, CEO of Bloom Intelligence, in a statement. "Ninety percent of consumers keep their mobile phones with them at all times, and our marketing automation platform triggers direct communication that grabs customers' attention while they're in the store or restaurant, drives social media interaction, and promotes retention after they leave."

Customers are encouraged to register for in-store Wi-Fi. Data is collected whether the consumer logs in or not, and Bloom Intelligence can even interact with customers who do not have the store or restaurant mobile app installed. The platform can also automate customer onboarding to third-party applications, such as loyalty programs and mobile apps.

Bloom Intelligence triggered offers use advanced segmentation based on demographics, presence analytics, and purchasing behavior. Acting on actual customer behavior, Bloom Intelligence automates one-time, repeating, and triggered promotions. Specific triggered promotions can be built around several metrics, such as the following:

  • At Risk – people whom Bloom Intelligence has marked as having broken their regular visit patterns;
  • Milestone – customers who reach predetermined milestones, such as their 10th, 25th, or 100th visit. Offers can also be generated annually, for example, on the anniversary of a customer's first visit to the store or restaurant.
  • Loyalty – creates a virtual loyalty program that works like coffee club punch cards. Customers get offers every time they reach the number of visits specified by the retailer or restaurant.
  • Rolling – rewards frequency and consistency based on number of visits and time period set by the retailer (for example, three visits in 10 days).

In addition to triggered marketing, customer data is collected to measure sentiment in real time with Bloom Intelligence ratings and NPS score capabilities. Metrics are made available via the Bloom Business Intelligence Platform dashboard that can do the following:

  • Measure customer behavior and the actual ROI of specific deals that drive customers back into the store;
  • Use special offers to drive social interaction, encourage customer reviews, and rescue at-risk customers;
  • Track and project retail traffic flow by week, day, and hour;
  • Decrease customer churn rate by creating campaigns for first-time customers that encourage return visits; and
  • Identify most-frequent customers through built-in segmentation for targeting.

"Our advanced tracking metrics are changing the way retailers and restaurateurs interact with their customers and how consumers interact with brands," Wilson said. "Data that drives sales--that's how analytics and automated triggered marketing increases ROI."

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