• December 10, 2013

Birst Launches New Visualizer BI Platform

Birst, a provider of cloud-based business intelligence solutions, today announced Birst Visualizer, a new business-oriented visual discovery capability in Birst's end-to-end cloud platform.

Combining Google-like search and Amazon-like recommendations, the Birst Visualizer reduces time-to-answer for business users. It sits on top of Birst's logical layer and taps into enterprise data.

Visualizer adds a guided experience that speeds information discovery by plotting data instantly, auto-suggesting proper chart types based on selected data combinations, and searching as one types.

Birst Visualizer operates on top of Birst's patented data management platform, which includes an automated data warehouse, built-in ETL and uniform logical business layer. Birst provides self-service BI whether users' needs are visual discovery, pixel-perfect enterprise reporting, interactive dashboards, advanced ad-hoc analysis, or predictive modeling.

"In the new era of BI, a single platform must satisfy the different needs of many kinds of business users," said Birst CEO Brad Peters in a statement. "We applied consumer design principles to our new Birst Visualizer so that users who aren't analytics experts—front-line managers, field sales reps, and others—can explore enterprise data without hesitation. Combining this ease of exploration with Birst's robust underlying data access and management unlocks the power of enterprise data for the entire organization."

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