• September 1, 2020

Bidalgo Launches Creative Center

Bidalgo, a provider of campaign management and ad creative management software and services, today launched Creative Center, a suite of tools to help marketers create, measure, analyze, and optimize their advertising creative.

Bidalgo Creative Center combines insights with automated processes for production, testing, and management of ad creative at scale so marketers can optimize their workflows and campaign ROI.

"Marketers have traditionally had three levers to optimize their campaigns: audience targeting, bidding strategies, and ad creative," said Peli Beeri, CEO of Bidalgo, in a statement. "The first two levers have been largely automated by the channels themselves and through third-party tools, leaving ad creative as the one variable where marketers can really differentiate themselves and make an impact on their campaign performance. We built the Creative Center to give marketers the tools they need to design better ad creative, optimize campaign performance, and get a leg up on the competition."

Bidalgo Creative Center empowers marketers to manage and produce ad creative at scale for campaigns across numerous channels, including Facebook, Google, Snap, Apple Search Ads, TikTok, and other social media platforms, ad networks, and more. The suite of tools, based on Bidalgo's analytics, optimization, and automation technologies, also helps marketers with measurement, attribution, production, iteration, testing, and more.

With Bidalgo's Creative Center, app marketers can now do the following

  • Automatically produce creative iterations at scale: Creative Center enables marketers to ramp up capacity for creative iteration by ingesting a few creative concepts and automatically generating numerous assets based on proven concepts.
  • Test efficiently with predictive ranking: Marketers can test creative concepts to analyze new assets and discover their performance potential.
  • Understand which creative elements perform best: By analyzing creative elements, such as copy, images, colors, calls to action and more, Creative Center shows marketers which elements are most effective at driving the key performance indicators.
  • Rank creative across channels, placements, locations, and ads: Marketers can view the performance rank for all creative assets in a single place, based on aggregated data from channels, measurement platforms, and Bidalgo intelligence.
  • Detect creative fatigue: Creative-level, over-time analysis capabilities enable marketers to discover and flag the earliest signs of creative fatigue against user-defined KPIs.
  • Streamline creative management: Marketers can manage their creative by making bulk changes across all ads that include a specific creative asset, refreshing campaigns with auto-generated creative, optimizing the ad types each audience receives based on creative-level analysis, and more.

App developer Perblue was one of several companies to pilot Bidalgo's Creative Center, and experienced a 78 percent lift in its creative click-through rate and a 17 percent increase in conversion rate due to changes recommended by Creative Center.

"As creative management becomes a bigger focus, Bidalgo's Creative Center has been a real competitive advantage," said Rick Grunewald, digital marketing analyst at PerBlue, in a statement. "The predictive scoring in particular is a game-changer for flagging our best assets; everything the AI identifies as a 5-star rating is gold for us, and it's nice to see that it's being validated every time."

"Bidalgo's Creative Center is extremely valuable to us. We use it to examine creative on a broad multichannel level, combined with the tools to drill down and really segment the overall view," said Taylor Lundgren, UA manager at Ludia, in a statement. "Creative Center combined with the Bidalgo AI automation is a natural combination, as the AI really does a great job of testing and feeding information to the Creative Center. The information provided is extremely easy to consume and share, making it an absolute convenience to use."

"Bidalgo Creative Center is extremely valuable to us," said Florinda Pannofino, mobile marketing specialist at mobile app developer Bending Spoons, in a statement. "It helps us review our creative performance at a glance and within the context of a specific campaign or audience. It also helps us spot early signs of ad fatigue and take action in a timely manner."

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