• October 19, 2021

Basis Technologies Launches Market Trends

Basis Technologies, a provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising, today released Market Trends, a research and benchmarking tool as part of its Basis platform.

Basis Technologies' Market Trends delivers rapid reporting of industry-wide digital ad performance trends on all major channels and properties. It surfaces metrics on ad spend and metrics across publisher-direct, programmatic, search, and social buying channels.

Basis is composed of integrated applications that automate manual operations, standardize business processes, and improve marketing and advertising performance. It provides a comprehensive selection of buying methods across all channels and devices for all major creative types and formats.

Market Trends empowers advertisers to do the following:

  • Create standards for internal benchmarks and campaign goals and targets;
  • Power research teams with capabilities to select, aggregate, and summarize thousands of data points, automatically surfacing them with graphs and charts;
  • Gain knowledge and perspective on campaign performance compared to other advertisers; and
  • Showcase industry-wide benchmarks to clients or stakeholders for fully-informed comparisons of media partners and omnichannel performance.

Market Trends measures the advertising industry's spend and performance across channels, properties, verticals, and key performance indicators. It is anonymized and analyzed from billions of dollars in ad spend managed in hundreds of thousands of line items by thousands of agencies and companies using Basis over the past five years. Performance metrics tracked monthly or in pre-set time frames include eCPM, eCPVC, CTR, and Viewability, with more measurements in development. Advertiser segments being tracked include automotive, finance, shopping, sports, travel, and more. Users customize the data to measure performance over time, performance by KPI, performance by property, and spending by media mix.

"Basis helps raise the knowledge and capabilities of media professionals at every major juncture in the campaign life cycle. Data about industry trends is readily available for our users because of the breadth and depth of Basis across all verticals, media channels, and goal types," said Jennifer Schaen, senior vice president of Basis customer experience at Basis Technologies, in a statement. "Our research tools give marketers actionable, statistically significant information from campaigns by all types of advertisers to guide the creation of high-quality, data-driven media plans."

"Because performance on clients' campaigns is a differentiator for our business, we appreciate having the research capabilities within Basis that helps enhance our media strategies," said Carol Gleeson, CEO of Gleeson Digital Strategies, in a statement. "Basis automates another key process and gives us more market intelligence, which enables our team to move faster and deliver superior results for brands."

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