• March 22, 2022

Authenticx Launches Speech Analyticx, Smart Sample, Smart Predict, and Montage Builder

Authenticx, a provider of conversational artificial intelligence solutions for the healthcare industry, today launched Speech Analyticx, Smart Sample, Smart Predict, and Montage Builder to help healthcare organizations analyze millions of conversations to surface recurring trends through data-backed storytelling at scale.

Speech Analyticx summarizes themes and trends across all interactions using artificial intelligence to surface topics and unearth transcripts, audio files, and report metrics.

Smart Sample surfaces the types of customer interactions that matter most, based on strategic priorities, through contextualized data to evaluate how and why specific results occur.

Smart Predict uses machine learning to help evaluate conversations and improve quality assurance efficiencies by identifying whether certain criteria exist in conversational data.

Montage Builder helps create stories around particular topics by combining relevant conversation clips.

"In today's competitive healthcare landscape, navigating between the three pillars of payers, providers, and pharma is a challenge for customers," said Amy Brown, founder and CEO of Authenticx, in a statement. "It's more important than ever for healthcare organizations to build empathy at scale into their customer experiences. Implementing Authenticx provides healthcare leaders with unfiltered feedback from the help of intelligent data insights to activate customer voices."

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