• November 9, 2016

Austin Sigma Launches Mach10CRM

Austin Sigma, a Texas-based startup, has launched Mach10CRM, a mobile app for iPhone and iPad devices that targets small business owners.

Mach10CRM is a communication app that integrates CRM, email, and organizational functions into a single app. By automatically logging all email and filing email by person, users can see all their conversations in a text-style format. They can even add notes, to-do lists, meetings, calls, texts, and calendar events to a log.

With Mach10CRM, users can do the following:

  • Keep track of attachments and supporting documents by file type, by contact, and chronologically;
  • Block or semi-block spam, ads, newsletters, and other auto-generated email;
  • Enter notes for each contact log, keep track of the contact’s business and personal information, birthdays, anniversaries, favorite places, opinions, etc.;
  • Create contact groups for easy collaboration;
  • Track engagement lead measures for projects and sales in the pipeline;
  • Export or print log entries within selected time windows for further review or to use data in other applications; and
  • Manage group projects.

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