• September 22, 2016

AppsFlyer Launches DeviceRank Anti-Fraud Solution

AppsFlyer, a provider of mobile attribution and marketing analytics, today released anti-fraud technology, called DeviceRank, which protects mobile app advertisers by automatically removing fraudulent devices from marketers' campaigns aimed at driving app installs and post-install activities.

Most install fraud solutions rely on IP filtering and data modeling at the user or app-level, but DeviceRank can identify and address fraudulent app installs and engagement at the device level. It works similarly to a credit score, identifying questionable behavior and offering enhanced protection. It leverages a proprietary big data-powered algorithm to build an anonymized, multidimensional rating of every mobile device. Each device is rated on a scale from C (fraudulent), through B, A, AA, and AAA. Devices with a C rating are automatically excluded from AppsFlyer's attributed installs and analytics.

Ratings are built from more than a dozen points of metadata, including device details, engagement history, historical fraud modeling scoring, IP address and geolocation, transactional data, and verified transaction data and more. Each device's rating is based on the likelihood that device is an authentic user (rated AAA) or a scammer (rated C).

AppsFlyer already has more than 1.4 trillion mobile interactions cataloged in its internal database built over the past five years, and 98 percent of all mobile devices across the globe are already rated. Additionally, DeviceRank's architecture and machine learning allow the database and algorithms to grow, learn, and adapt as new mobile devices come online, new interactions are catalogued, and user engagement patterns evolve.

"As we've seen from our global study, fraudsters and scammers are growing increasingly sophisticated, tricking advertisers into paying for both installs and in-app engagement," said Oren Kaniel, co-founder and CEO of AppsFlyer, in a statement. "DeviceRank takes a radically different approach, cutting off fraud at the source and adding transparency to our industry in order to protect advertisers, our partners, and the entire market. AppsFlyer is in a unique position to apply this game-changing technology and leverage our scale across the mobile industry, arming marketers worldwide with the best solution to combat fraud. We are excited to add DeviceRank to the AppsFlyer Active Fraud Suite, as we remain committed to fighting fraud and helping cleanse the app ecosystem of this problem."

The DeviceRank release comes as AppsFlyer publishes the results of a study in which it found that ad fraud cost marketers $100 million in 2016 as a result of fraudulent click data, paid installs from fraudulent devices, fraudulent and simulated in-app events (CPA fraud), and the projected impact of these false installs and events on look-alike targeting and retargeting.

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