• June 7, 2017

Appboy Launches Currrents Data Export Tool

Appboy, a provider of lifecycle engagement technology, today launched Currents, a real-time, high-volume data export interface that connects directly with data warehouses, business intelligence tools, and data management platforms within the marketing stack.

Companies can use Currents to manage and evolve their marketing strategies and processes by linking Appboy to other systems within any technology stack while taking advantage of new technologies that have made real-time data streaming possible. With Currents, all teams within orgqanizations have open access to any Appboy data they need, on any platform, at any time.

"Currents is a major evolution for the Appboy platform, one that really brings home the fact that we exist within a wider ecosystem," said Bill Magnuson, co-founder and CEO of Appboy, in a statement. "It seamlessly works with a company's existing setup adding speed, ease of use, and functionality. We wanted to build a tool that would help bridge the gap across teams and dig deeper into the marketing stack and the role it plays in supporting the strong customer and brand relationships that real success is built on."

"The speed and ease of Appboy Currents has completely transformed how our team uses customer engagement data, enabling deeper machine learning and analytics drilled down to the customer level. It's a game changer!" said Tanner McGrath, lead product manager at Postmates, one of the companies involved in early testing of the Currents product, in a statement. "Currents has demonstrated Appboy's continued commitment for open access to a company's own customer data. With this integration, we now have greater visibility into campaign lifecycles on any platform, streamed in real-time, providing us with insights that exponentially multiply marketing efficiencies bringing product and marketing even closer."

Currents is available in limited beta for Amplitude integrations. Additional connectors to Amazon Redshift, mParticle, and Segment are in active development.

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