• August 25, 2015

Appboy Adds Webhooks Integration to Its Mobile Marketing Platform

Appboy, a provider of mobile marketing automation, has added webhooks support to its platform. Webhooks will allow Appboy clients to link technologies together to connect their marketing campaigns in real time with other services and applications, like Twitter, Marketo, or SMS, via communications platform Twilio.

Appboy clients will be able to schedule and send SMS messages or notifications on platforms like Twilio directly from the Appboy dashboard.

Appboy customers will find a list of additional webhooks within the platform, and can now segment and target users on any channel, including SMS or social media. In addition, the Appboy platform will allow marketers to use retargeting and action-based campaigns through the use of webhooks. For instance, an app could use API calls to their system to activate credits on customer accounts after reaching certain milestones.

"With the addition of webhooks to the Appboy platform, we will be able to send custom marketing messages directly to our customers via our UI while also leveraging Appboy's segmentation, targeting, and testing capabilities," said Erik Tarui, vice president of marketing and CRM at Nextplus, in a statement. "This will be incredibly valuable for us as we try to optimize in-app communication with our audience."

"Webhooks will help marketers connect the dots between technologies, allowing them to take greater action on customer behaviors," said Bill Magnuson, chief technology officer and co-founder of Appboy, in a statement. "Our clients' experience is of utmost importance, and for situations that require urgency, such as status updates for on-demand or delivery services, SMS and proprietary messaging platforms like WeChat or KaKao are an important fallback when push notifications are not an option."

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