• April 26, 2021

Amplitude Unveils Digital Optimization System

Amplitude today introduced its Digital Optimization System to help companies manage, measure, and optimize their digital products. Building on its digital product analytics suite, Amplitude also released a personalization product, Amplitude Recommend.

Recommend leverages customer behavior data in the digital product and machine learning models to determine which behaviors result in the optimal business outcome, such as conversion to purchase or average order size. The system then adapts each individual experience based on these insights.

The Amplitude Digital Optimization System helps digital teams, including product, marketing, engineering and beyond, understand customer behavior in the digital product, predict which features and actions lead to business outcomes, and adapt each experience in real time.

"When we started Amplitude, we had a vision to help every company build better digital products through an understanding of how people interact with them," said Spenser Skates, Amplitude's CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "Today, this vision has never been more important in a world where digital is business survival. We don't need more digital experiences by delivering more features and content measured by ad clicks and web visits. It's time for a new way. The winners in the next era will be the companies that understand their customers and use these insights to transform experiences from the place value is created: the digital product. That's why we built the Digital Optimization System. With Amplitude, now every company has a fighting chance to be a digital disruptor."

The Amplitude Digital Optimization System unifies data, analytics, and infrastructure to deeply understand which customer behaviors lead to business outcomes and to transform each experience based on these insights. Key components include the following:

  • Amplitude Behavioral Graph, a database of customer behavior. Its native query engine and machine learning algorithms correlate every individual action taken across every digital product to understand and predict which behaviors lead to outcomes, such as engagement, retention, and loyalty.
  • Real-Time Data Management, with data pipelines, identity resolution, and data governance. It also surfaces data anomalies, unexpected events, and incomplete taxonomies.
  • Amplitude Analytics, bringing behavior data directly to digital teams.
  • Amplitude Recommend, a self-service personalization engine powered by machine learning, behavioral data, and product analytics.

"Delivering a more relevant experience through personalization is a key driver of growth, but traditional manual or demographic approaches don't scale. A company could have millions of combinations of customers, content, and offers; it's just not possible to know exactly which to present to each customer at any given time without machine learning," said Justin Bauer, executive vice president of products at Amplitude, in a statement. "With Amplitude Recommend we are bringing behavioral data and machine learning to personalization for the first time. We believe this is the key to removing the obstacles to make personalization work at scale without requiring an army of expensive technical resources."

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