• March 8, 2016

Amplitude Analytics Launches Compass

Amplitude Analytics has added Compass to its behavioral analytics platform to help companies pinpoint specific user behaviors that drive long-term retention.

"Investors are becoming wary of companies with a "growth at all costs" attitude and instead want to see companies that can grow at a profit. And with user acquisition costs only getting higher, startups are starting to realize they need to place a premium on retaining their users. Whether or not this downward trend predicts the 'burst' of the tech bubble, one thing is clear: businesses need to rethink their strategy in order to be successful," said Spenser Skates, CEO of Amplitude, in a statement. "We developed Compass to address this shift in focus and to help businesses, company-wide, and identify specific behaviors that will help them drive long-term retention and profits."

Mobile trivia app QuizUp used Compass to discover one of the core values of its app: QuizUp users who used the app's social features within the first seven days of downloading the app were 60 percent more likely to be long-term users. By leveraging this insight, QuizUp is improving its onboarding process to drive their retention even higher.

"Compass is a powerful tool that digs into which behaviors drive retention," said Jon Edvald, head of data science at QuizUp, in a statement.

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