• February 27, 2019

Altify Introduces Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO)

Altify today launched what it is calling customer revenue optimization (CRO), a new category of enterprise selling that ensures that both companies and customers gain more value from their commercial relationships by aligning customer retention and revenue generation.

Altify is introducing the first Customer Revenue Optimization solution with its Spring '19 release, featuring Dynamic Account Plans. Now all employees can contribute to customer strategy by contributing to account plans, and chief revenue officers can continuously test and improve those plans to optimize for customer value and revenue impact.

Altify's Spring '19 release also includes a capability to help front-line sales leaders improve revenue optimization with new TeamView Opportunity Dashboards and Opportunity Close Plans. Designed to enable sales leaders to understand progress against plans and improve coaching, TeamView dashboards track status against opportunity plans for all accounts from early deal qualification to the development and execution of mutual close plans.

"Today's empowered and educated buyers expect great experiences. They don't want to be sold to," said Altify CEO Anthony Reynolds in a statement. "Continuously heightened customer expectations require chief revenue officers and the entire revenue team to put the customer first and to optimize every experience to deliver value. Failing to understand this and to properly leverage customer revenue optimization is the difference between winning customers and losing them."

CRO combines Altify's sales methodology with augmented and artificial intelligence to enable guided selling. With it, businesses can do the following:

  • Harness the knowledge of the entire enterprise to understand customers' business problems;
  • Improve revenue capability and execution by moving from selling products to enabling customer outcomes;
  • Continuously optimize all organization resources to drive better experiences and unlock more revenue; and
  • Make every employee part of the revenue team.

"Customer relationship management is yesterday's story," said Jeremy Cox, principal analyst in Ovum's Customer Engagement Practice, in a statement. "Being able to record activity, while useful as a system of record, does not directly impact the quality of engagement with customers. With CRO, Altify places the customer at the center of every interaction to focus attention on the customer's desired outcomes, and by providing intelligent guidance on the most relevant action, to help customers achieve their aims. Revenue and growth are the natural consequence."

"Eenterprises today risk losing their precious customers if they are not mapping their marketing and sales efforts to buyer needs and buying processes. Altify's new CRO solution offers the potential to bridge this customer experience gap," said Gerry Brown, customer experience research director at IDC Europe, in a statement.

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