• April 23, 2020

Allego Introduces Call Coaching for Sales and Service

Allego, provider of a learning and readiness platform for sales and other teams, today released Call Coaching, powered by conversation intelligence, to give enablement and training teams deeper visibility into the impact of their efforts.

By automatically importing and analyzing all recordings of reps' conversations with prospects and customers, executives and managers now have visibility into real-world performance and the ability to act on those insights to drive targeted coaching and training, all within Allego's learning and readiness platform.

"In today's increasingly remote professional world, which has only been compounded by recent events, organizations need a tool that provides an end-to-end view to their enablement process, from onboarding, to messaging launches, to everyday execution and skills coaching," said Andre Black, vice president of products at Allego, in a statement. "Built as part of Allego's platform, our Call Coaching capability automatically provides sales and services leaders visibility into live conversations from the field, combined with the power of Allego's full learning and readiness suite, to seamlessly act on those insights for targeted coaching, training, and enablement initiatives."

The new capability allows sales and services leaders and front-line managers to access recorded calls and web conferences and highlight specific moments to help assess rep competency and to better support deals.

Insights from Call Coaching can be combined with individual rep's call performance and learning data from other areas of the Allego platform. Leaders and managers can use these insights to provide immediate feedback and coaching right in-line throughout a conversation using Allego's video coaching solution. Enablement and training teams can find and clip out key moments within actual call videos to enhance with quiz questions, interactive prompts, polls, and knowledge checks to create high-impact learning content featuring footage of top people. They can also intersperse learning content into best-practice recommendations engines and libraries for just-in-time learning as well as other courses and learning paths. On top of that, they can assign reps to turn in actual recordings of their best sales calls as messaging certification submissions.

"Our top priority is to help managers engage and develop their staff into high performing talent. Allego plays a key role in client successes by providing the tools to share information and collaborate effectively as well as train and coach as efficiently as possible," said Tim Hagen, president of Progress Coaching, in a statement. "By adding Call Coaching to the Allego platform and giving organizations an even greater level of visibility into the impact of their efforts, Allego is reaffirming its commitment to providing a truly end-to-end learning and readiness suite."

For sales reps, Call Coaching can take automated notes in real time and identify action items after calls so reps can focus during conversations and listen more actively. Fully integrated with CRM systems, Call Coaching helps them transition accounts to other reps or communicate with their post-sale teams by automatically generating a record of key information about the sales interactions associated with the accounts or opportunities.

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