• April 23, 2014

Allegiance Releases Dashboards 2 CX Tool

Allegiance, a provider of voice of the customer and customer experience technology and services and a One to Watch" in the CRM 2014 Service Leader Awards for enterprise feedback management, yesterday introduced Dashboards 2, a software tool that speeds discovery of insights in customer experience data from multiple sources.

Allegiance Dashboards 2 brings big customer data instantly to light without the need for expensive visualization systems or outside analysts.

Dashboards 2 is a part of the Allegiance Engage platform that combines customer feedback with big data from CRM and operations systems to uncover insights. Customer experience and service professionals can act instantly to improve the customer experience as well as upsell, cross sell, or improve operations and efficiency.

Allegiance Dashboards 2 offers the following benefits:

  • Advanced visualization: With Dashboards 2, customer experience professionals can capture and share insights using ultra-modern visualizations with the ability to drill down at every level.
  • Simple integration: Dashboards 2 helps companies combine and find quick answers from any data source, visually and instantly. This includes surveys, operational data (buying history, transaction history, etc.), historical data, and even telephone conversation transcripts.
  • Do It Yourself: With simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Easily Shared: Professionals can distribute the knowledge gained from valuable CX data throughout an entire organization and to those who can take action to improve operational performance and customer retention.

"Most companies have a lot of customer data but don't have a way to analyze it quickly. This new capability makes big customer data instantly useful, which helps companies using Allegiance to manage and improve the customer experience to retain more customers," said Carine Clark, CEO and president of Allegiance, in a statement.

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