• April 2, 2024

Algolia Integrates with commercetools

Algolia, providers of a search solution, has expanded its AI Search integration with commercetools.

The integration of commercetools and Algolia will be available in three formats:

  • An out-of-the-box solution that synchronizes product catalog data into the Algolia platform with the Algolia for commercetools connector, which is available through Algolia's dashboard. This option facilitates real-time and historical data synchronization from the commercetools Composable Commerce platform to Algolia and grants access to customer, product, and order records.
  • An Algolia commercetools Accelerator, which can be customized for any cloud environment.
  • A hosted Algolia commercetools integration, which will be available in the commercetools Connect Marketplace in the coming months.

"Our collaboration with Algolia is based on a mutual dedication to enhancing customer experiences by providing fast, easy-to-use capabilities at massive scale. This partnership equips brands with the tools to implement commerce strategies that foster enduring growth and optimize the lifetime value of their top-tier customers. Leveraging commercetools, retailers can swiftly harness the advantages of composable commerce, effortlessly accessing opportunities for heightened competitive edge," said Kelly Goetsch, chief strategy officer of commercetools, in a statement.

"More and more renowned B2C and B2B brands are embracing a composable strategy, opting for a modular approach to tailor their commerce experiences. However, crafting custom integrations creates some challenges, requiring development resources and time investment. This collaboration alleviates such hurdles, enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate their data into Algolia's AI Search platform, leading to quicker and more profitable outcomes," said Piyush Patel, chief ecosystem officer of Algolia, in a statement. "Consequently, Algolia's AI Search is the most frequently selected search platform by commercetools customers, and more than 15 system integrator partners are incorporating our joint platforms into their accelerators and reference frameworks, aiding customers in their composable ecommerce evolution."

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