• February 25, 2020

Algolia Announces Winter '20 Search Experience Management

Algolia, a search and discovery solutions provider, today launched the Winter '20 release of its Search Experience Management (SXM), with new functionalities that include a Visual Editor for desired search results.

Other new capabilities and enhancements in the winter 2020 relese of Algolia Search Experience Management include the following:

  • Advanced business analytics: Enhanced insights for business users to measure and optimize the search experience through new trend analytics and click position analytics, as well as deeper integration with Segment and Google Tag Manager for end-to-end click and conversion rate analytics.
  • Site Search, to help site visitors quickly find the right content.
  • Crawler, a self-service tool that automatically crawls web content across multiple domains, indexing and unifying disparate content types into a single content delivery platform for fast search and retrieval.
  • Enhanced language support for German, Dutch, and Finnish.
  • Updated e-Commerce platform extensions for Magento and Shopify.

"Algolia Winter '20 takes search and discovery out of the developer-only silo, making it easier for any business user in the enterprise to implement, analyze, and optimize," said Nicolas Dessaigne, co-founder and CEO of Algolia, in a statement.

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