• October 27, 2021

Airship Unveils the Airship App Experience Platform

Mobile app experience company Airship today introduced its next-generation App Experience Platform to create, measure, and perfect in-app experiences crucial to onboarding app audiences. Innovations include Airship Tours, Airship Surveys, and Airship Preference Center.

"Mobile apps have become the preferred destination for customers due to simple, contextual interactions, faster transactions, and streamlined experiences that elegantly span their digital and physical worlds, like click-and-collect, loyalty and subscription programs, and direct-to-consumer commerce, to name a few," said Brett Caine, CEO and president of Airship, in a statement. "However, realizing the full business potential of apps is challenging, with progress hampered by reliance on development resources and cyclical app updates that have left marketers and the industry at large approaching apps as another promotional channel rather than creating reciprocal value exchanges necessary for sustained relationships."

Airship Tours allows marketers and mobile product owners to create, edit and manage full-screen, interactive walkthroughs (up to 10 screens long) that showcase the value of the app and how to get started. Tours can drive onboarding, feature adoption, loyalty enrollment, or any number of key milestone activities, such as completing profiles, authenticating within the app, opting into notifications, setting preferences, and more. Tours can be triggered based on customers' real-time behaviors and attributes. Real-time analytics highlight ways to improve the experience and outcomes.

Airship Surveys allow marketers and mobile product owners to collect granular feedback from users while they are engaged with the app.Surveys can be targeted to customers based on their attributes and real-time behaviors, such as purchases, engagement with new features, abandoned carts, or Tours completed, and resulting data can be analyzed by customer segments. Pre-built survey templates are available.

Airship Preference Center now encompasses all re-engagement messaging channels (e.g., SMS and email), enabling customers to control the types of content they receive on different channels in one place. Marketers and mobile product owners can also take advantage of opt-in forms for SMS and email to place on their websites, and can see all channels a user has opted into from lookups within the Airship App Experience Platform.

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