• October 21, 2021

Affinity Solutions Partners with Zartico

Affinity Solutions is partnering with Zartico to give destination marketing organizations real-time visibility into visitor spending.

The pairing of Affinity's real-time purchase insights platform with Zartico's Operating System allows destination marketing organizations to gain real-time visibility into the purchase behavior of nearly 94 million consumers who spend more than $650 billion annually. The synergy will enable users to drive market share by understanding the profiles and purchase behaviors of visitors most likely to engage with the destination brand.

Affinity Solutions leverages purchase signals taken from more than 100 million daily credit and debit card transactions to provide a real-time view into the purchase behaviors of consumers. Affinity's data is anonymized and enriched to enable insights across different dimensions, including shopper demographics, merchant category, time period, and geography with neighborhood level precision. Insights are not limited to one destination, so users can analyze consumer purchase behavior in other destinations to benchmark and identify growth opportunities.

"The holy grail for which every destination marketing organization has been on a quest is the visitor spend in-market and how the DMO influenced the transactions. Our partnership with Affinity now gives Zartico clients the ability to combine spend data with our existing geolocation, event, marketing, and tax data to finally obtain the holistic insights of their contribution to their community’s economy," Josh Collins, head of product at Zartico, said in a statement. "This changes everything. We can now see daily visitor impact on a resident community. DMOs can adjust marketing, staffing, infrastructure, and focus based on visitor vs. resident transaction data, with a focus on the outcome of a better experience for both."

"Post-pandemic consumer spending behaviors are rapidly changing," said Phil Lore, chief revenue officer of Affinity Solutions, in a statement. "Our partnership with Zartico empowers DMOs to quickly identify growth opportunities and make data-informed decisions to drive consumer engagement."

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