• October 8, 2018

Affinity Launches Alliances to Help Users Grow Their Personal Networks

Affinity, providers of a relationship intelligence platform, today launched Alliances, a relationship management solution that helps business professionals expand their networks and identify more opportunities for warm introductions.

Alliances enables users to connect with any contact outside their organizations and instantly share their relationship graphs. Users can then see the best paths to referrals within two degrees by applying a patent-pending relationship strength algorithm to help them identify who is best suited to make a referral or introduction

Alliances uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to analyze relationship graphs and identify sources of warm introductions. It automatically shows which connections have the strongest relationships to targeted prospects based on the tenor of their emails, frequency of their meetings, and other factors.

"Alliances unlocks the real power of business networks to help professionals source new opportunities, raise capital and close deals," said Ray Zhou, co-founder of Affinity, in a statement. "Unlike traditional networks, Alliances captures not only who your colleagues and peers know, but how well they know them, so you always know who's in the best position to introduce you to a new contact or organization. With Alliances you can stop cross-checking social networks, your CRM system, and other platforms hoping to stumble upon the right person to make an introduction."

Affinity's Alliances offers the following features:

  • Relationship Strength: Affinity's machine learning and natural language processing algorithms analyze relationship data buried in peer-to-peer communications to let users identify which contacts in their networks, within two degrees, have the best relationship with targeted prospects or organizations.
  • Prospect Lookup: Users can look up any prospect to see every relevant contact based on real-time network data, including the latest emails sent or received, the latest meetings held or scheduled, and more.
  • Prospect Finder: Within Affinity's CRM, users can input targeted prospects by industry, job title, location or other criteria and Alliances will display every relevant prospect via allies' real-time networks.
  • Prospect Import: Within Affinity's CRM, users can import a list of prospects by organization or person name, in either .csv or .xlsx format, and see which allies can make a warm introduction.

"The real economy is comprised of relationships; it consists of people working together to deliver the products and services that run our modern world. Alliances enable professionals to better grow, leverage, and manage the relationships that dictate their success," said Joe Lonsdale, founding partner at 8VC and an Affinity co-founder, in a statement.

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