• November 23, 2020

Adobe Adds AI Capabilities to Magento

Adobe has further integrated its Sensei artificial intelligence technology with Magento Commerce to help online merchants further personalize offerings.

The new offerings include the visual similarity recommendation type for Product Recommendations, which will allow Magento Commerce merchants to recommend similar looking products to what shoppers are already considering purchasing, taking into account visual attributes such as color, shape, size, material, style, and more.

"The benefit of this recommendation type is that it allows merchants with a large catalog of products to showcase a wide range of their products to shoppers and empowers customers to consider all the potential alternatives to the product that they're looking at, encouraging even wider catalog discovery and inspiration. As the recommendation is visually driven, the feature can be implemented by the merchant quickly compared to other recommendation types, which require initial collection and analysis of consumer behavioral data before they can be used, said Jason Woosley, vice president of commerce product and platform for Adobe's Experience Business, in a blog post.

Also available is a new Live Search feature that will help Magento retailers provide their customers with lightning-fast search-as-you-type results that become smarter over time based on ongoing AI-driven analysis of shopper behavior.

"Magento Commerce merchants will soon be able to add Adobe Sensei-powered site search capability to their storefronts," Woosley said. "Because Live Search relies on the same analysis of shopper behavior as our Product Recommendations, it'll be easily implementable for Magento Commerce merchants that are already using that feature."

The visual similarity recommendations feature will be available Dec. 8. The Live Search feature will be generally available in early 2021.

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