• November 27, 2018

Adeptia Introduces Partner to Partner Self-Service B2B Data Integration

Self-service B2B data integration company Adeptia has launched the Partner to Partner Data Exchange for clients interested in providing marketplace or exchange capabilities for their business partners. Adeptia's newest feature takes the hub-and-spoke model that is used by enterprises for communication with customers and partners and expands it to enable individual partners to setup automated data exchanges with other customers or partners in an environment governed centrally by the hub enterprise.

"As our large clients pursue their digital transformation strategies, we often came across the requirement of letting individual customers communicate with suppliers or vendors, while our enterprise client sits at the center governing the data exchange. We realized that as enterprises grow their partner networks, they would inevitably have this need of letting partners exchange data, invoices, orders, etc., directly with each other. Committed to the success of our clients, we expanded the traditional hub-and-spoke communication model to enable spoke-to-spoke data integration delivered via self-service," said Lou Ennuso, CEO of Adeptia, in a statement.

Adeptia's Partner to Partner Data Exchange feature lets companies shift the workload to partner organizations for driving the data exchange while they operate in a strict governance role.

With Adeptia's data integrations, suppliers can display up-to-date catalogs, inventory, pricing and other relevant business information to buyerss. All transactions are recorded by procurement systems at the hub distributors and shared with vendors for fulfillment.

Adeptia provides pre-defined templates, protocols, data layouts, and data schema mappings for enabling partner-to-partner connections between source and target systems at both ends. Users only need to do point-and-click configurations to setup transactions while the Adeptia engine works in the background to create connections, interpret and map data, and deposit it at the target data warehouse while giving governance view to the hub enterprise.

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